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things to do in halifax when you're being a derelict blogger

as you might guess, my current circumstances don't see me travelling as much as i used to, either for business or pleasure. so getting to go back to halifax for a few days was a pretty substantial departure from my usual routine. it had been too long since i'd visited the land of my birth and, despite an immediate sense of familiarity and "at-home-ness" that i always get, a substantial amount has changed. the changing itself is one of the most surprising things. when i first moved away, it seemed like halifax underwent a growth spurt, only to see that sputter several years later. the last few times i'd visited, it seemed a little less energetic. this time, however, it was kind of hard to miss the substantial growth that's going on, mostly because every other street in the downtown area [and in much of the adjacent south end] is dominated by cranes and construction equipment. the tiny street where my mother lives has two or three new high-rises at varying stag…

making faces :: je vois la vie en rose

you may have heard that some enterprising but probably not too bright folk started a fundraising campaign to push kylie jenner over the one billion dollar net worth threshold after forbes magazine touted her as the woman poised to become america's youngest ever self-made billionaire. the idea that there are people out there who can think of nothing better to do with their money than hand it over to someone who already has way more money than she could ever need is pretty gross if you think about it, which you probably shouldn't. and that's before you even take into account that jenner isn't self-made by any honest definition of the term: she comes from a family who already had billions, who then made millions if not billions more because of a television show that followed them around doing their billionaire things. she always had lots of money to spend on building a cosmetic line, and her presence on reality television gives her a massive built-in marketing platform. t…