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making faces :: the brand tour [rouge bunny rouge]

i noticed earlier this week that rouge bunny rouge is having a pretty interesting sale on both of their lipstick formulas: all shades are 50% off. that includes the more satin/ opaque "colourburst" lipsticks and the glossier/ sheerer "succulence of dew" shades as well. the number of shades in both ranges has been culled gradually over the years and now it seems that the company will, indeed, be introducing a new formula that will replace both. i don't have much information beyond "something is coming", but i do know that if any of the existing shades appeal to you [and they should], you'll want to grab them as soon as you can or risk being disappointed.

this sale dovetailed nicely with a series i'd planned to do of "brand tours"- general swatches from brands whose products i've collected regularly. these won't be close to complete, of course, but i figure if people are looking for pictures of stuffs and i have those stuffs, i'd like to help them out. i've linked "real" reviews that i've done below and provided a few thoughts on those that i've just never gotten around to reviewing [and likely never will]. rouge bunny rouge are available in brick and mortar stores in only a few cities in the world, so they're a brand where people rely more than usual on what images they can find on line. luckily, there are lots of bloggers who have taken up that challenge, which means it's probably one of the easiest brands to find swatched across a range of skin tones.

so... here we go with the pictures:

first up, da glosses. i only have a couple of these, one each of two different formulas. the lighter of the two formulas has unfortunately been discontinued, although the slightly heavier "glassy gloss" formula remains. when i say "heavier", i don't mean that as a pejorative. the glassy glosses aren't sticky or prone to clumping, there's just a little more to them than to a lot of high end glosses. i find that "mousse fandango" is a shade that i return to more than i might have thought. my initial impression was that it was a very pretty, everyday kind of pink, but having worn it a lot now, there is definitely something about the formula that makes my lips look smoother, fuller... better. and, while it might look at first glance like the kind of colour that's easy to duplicate, it's more unique than you might think.

"uncaged tigress" is sadly discontinued, but hopefully, we'll see something similar from them in the future.

l to r :: mousse fandango, uncaged tigress

rouge bunny rouge is known for their exquisite complexion products. i haven't samples these as often as i would have liked, just because there always seems to be something more colourful catching my attention. [i'm easily distracted that w- ooh!! magenta!!!]

i have been able to try their "as if it were summer still" liquid bronzer, thanks to a couple of generous samples and two shades of their "sketches on sunny water" highlighting liquids. since i'm not a great fan of bronzer to begin with, and since bronzers often look more like dirt on my face, i may not be the best person to evaluate "as if it were summer still". it is a very nice, warm shade and definitely has some impact. i don't think there would be any issue getting this to show up on deeper skin tones [although on dark skin, of course, it would be adding warmth rather than colour]. when i've used it, i've had to be very careful not to overdo things, because a little goes a long way. the formula feels light and lovely, so if you do like bronzers, i think it would be an excellent choice.

more clearly up my alley are the highlighting liquids, which are very similar in terms of formula [i.e., lightweight, thin but even consistency, very fine microshimmer], but made in colours to light up the complexion rather than deepen it. "sea of tranquility" is extremely versatile, a very pale rose gold that adds light, a hint of colour and a hint of warmth. because it's a liquid and because the shimmer is so delicate, it won't ever turn chalky and because it doesn't pull too cool or too warm, it'll be suitable to a large range of complexions. [for those who do want something really cool toned, "sea of clouds" is a stunning shade of the same formula described, extremely accurately, by rbr as "moonlight on the water. i got a sample of that some time ago and used it until i'm pretty sure there were only a few atoms left. it's been on my list of things to order for a while.]

l to r :: sea of tranquility, as if it were summer still

i've only picked up two of the brand's blushes thus far, although, to be fair, there are only six shades [and one of the ones that i have has been discontinued]. here are "gracilis", a warmish mauve pink and "florita" [no longer available], a lovely reddened raspberry.the formula on these blushes is incredible- they're more similar to cream products, but they have the longevity of powder. i do hope that we'll get to see some new shades introduced, hopefully with a few more cool-toned options. [one of my only criticisms of the brand is that their products are overwhelming slanted in favour of those with warmer and softer colouring.]

l to r :: gracilis, florita

now, if you've heard about rouge bunny rouge at all, chances are it's their eye shadows. they are a cult favourite with reason. well, reasons. the formulas- shimmer, satin and matte- are all impeccable. they last well without fading, blend smoothly and easily and the shades are both unique and "lively" on the skin. they have regular pressed powders, loose powders and cream shades, although the greatest amount of attention is given to the first of those. [it's also by far the formula with the largest number of available colours.]

here's my one representative of the loose powders, "night wind sailing"

night wind sailing
but truly, it's with the pressed powders where i've truly, hedonistic-ally gone berserk. this is one of those rare cases when hype should be believed, because the shades and the formulas are so very exquisite.

first up, here's a look [again] at the raw silence :: chronos palette released last year [and recipient of the 2014 shrunken head for best palette]

raw silence :: chronos
there are some lovely, glistening shades in a formula unique to this palette and i hope that we get to see more of them in the future. i suspect [note: suspecting is very different than knowing. i know nothing.] that there will be more of this style of palette in the future.

next up, here are the two matte shades [bashful flamingo] and my very favourite satin shade [gracious arasari] that has sadly been discontinued. these are real workhorse colours, the kind of things you can use to improve any look, whether they're the central colour on a neutral eye, or used to blend and smooth a stronger look.

l to r :: gracious arasari, bashful flamingo, sweet dust seriema

i've organised some of my rbr shades into their own little palettes, like these three, lilac reef currasow, trumpeter koel and golden rhea. the first two clearly go together, but i think the logic behind including the third was that it came out around the same time and i wanted to get shades to fill one of rbr's three-pan palettes.

l to r :: lilac reef curassow, trumpeter koel, golden rhea
in the interests of conserving space and saving money, i have taken to ordering shades in pan format- the ones that can fit into palettes. i was delighted to find that, while the pans are a little too big to fit into the new mac palettes, they fit perfectly into older mac palettes. since i have some of those kicking around, and my mac shadows can fit into the older or the newer palettes, i managed to create a couple of "curated by me" [because everything is curated now] combinations.

first up, there's my cooler-toned slightly taupe-y, plummy with highlight shade included grouping: snowy egret, solstice halcyon, delicate hummingbird and eclipse eagle.

l to r :: snowy egret, solstice halcyon, delicate hummingbird, eclipse eagle

and then we have the warm-toned neutrals that anyone can wear grouping: rain dove, rufous-tailed weaver, bohemian waxwing and umber firefinch.

l to r :: rain dove, rufous-tailed weaver, bohemian waxwing, umber firefinch

this second palette contains the rbr shades i probably reach for the most, since they're the most versatile. rain dove and rufous-tailed weaver were the winner and runner up for the best individual eye shadow category of this year's shrunken heads and i stand by that choice. rouge bunny rouge shadows are in a class by themselves. never assume that neutrals need be dull, because these are complex and thrilling.

here are the shades that i have in their individual pots, included is "abyssinian catbird", probably the best-known shade in the rbr range and one of its most popular. i'm personally partial to "periwinkle cardinal", which is a more delicate shade and one that's hard to find in other brands. i also think that "alabaster starling" doesn't get the love that it should, possibly because it's written off as "just a highlight", it is so much nicer than that and so much more enchanting to see in use. but truthfully all of these are major winners and there's not one i'd caution you to avoid.

l to r :: abyssinian catbird, angelic cockatiels, periwinkle cardinal, alabaster starling, whispering ibis

and finally, we have come to the lipsticks. thus far, i've collected five of the semi-sheer "succulence of dew" shades and four of the semi-opaque "colour burst" ones. the lipsticks are a little tougher to predict than other rouge bunny rouge products. i find that the differences in formula are more apparent between some shades than others. the semi-sheer "dark juices" is deeper, more opaque and longer-lasting than "nothing unknown", for instance. i love both colours, that's just an example of how it's best to evaluate these one at a time. [and quickly, dammit, quickly, before they're gone!]

of the semi-sheer colours i've tried, "murmurings" and "fluttering sighs" are much softer, glossier and slicker than the more shimmery shades. i've avoided reviewing "fluttering sighs" because i think my particular tube might have been compromised in transit. it arrived [during the summer] with a half-melted consistency and it has never been able to achieve real solidity. as a result, it applies in a rather thick, goopy layer that's difficult to get even and impossible to get to last. it's testimony to what a surprisingly lovely shade it is that i keep using it anyway. normally, peachy shades like this are normally anathema to me- literally the worst type of colour i can pick- but this one is really nice. i haven't seen any other reviews that mention the particular textural problems i have and believe me, they would have been noticeable. i suspect that the formula is supposed to be like "murmurings" and mine just took a wrong turn somewhere... the dangers of international traveler lipsticks.

l to r :: fluttering sighs, dissolved in dreams, murmurings, dark juices, tongue tickles

among the semi-opaque shades, i don't see a lot of textural differences from one shade to another. they are all quite warm in undertone and their warmth is earthy [autumnal] rather than sunny [vernal]. i do find that the shades have a surprising complexity, which makes them wearable even for people like me, who normally look like death warmed over in a soft neutral lip.

l to r :: scrumptiously devious, watch out eve, nothing unknown, word of mouth

along with introducing a new lipstick line, rouge bunny rouge is going through a process of general renewal, bringing back some products with new formulations, changing their beautifully whimsical packaging to be even more whimsical and beautiful and adding some things which have apparently been in demand. i don't know what the enchanted gardeners have in store for us, but i can pretty much guarantee you that it will be very special and well worth tracking down.


Valentine Glass said…
Thanks for this overview! I've only tried (and loved) the single eyeshadows and blush. I reach for at least one of the mattes every day (Chestnut-Napped Apalis is my go-to crease/transition shade, Sweet Dust Seriema for a cooler eye look, Blackpepper Jay is my go-to outer corner darkener, Papyrus Canary my everyday base shadow or brow highlight). One of these days I'll branch out. How do you like the lipstick formulas as far as hydration/comfort?
SoSuSam said…
I was wondering about that 50% off offer from RBR--it seemed too good to be true (and I worried the company might be going out of business). Thanks for explaining what's going on.

By the way, my Fluttering Sighs also has a MUCH softer consistency than my other Succulence of Dew lipsticks. So I don't think the problem is just with yours. But the color is lovely, isn't it?
Kate MacDonald said…
@Valentine Glass- I'm glad you enjoyed it! Both lipstick formulas are very nice. They're not drying (most are moderately moisturising). Although they're not long-wearing, at least on me, they're extremely comfortable.

@SoSuSam- Interesting to know you had the same issue with FS. I'm surprised that it isn't mentioned more often, because the difference on mine is considerable. But you're right- it's such a lovely colour that I'll "forgive" it.
Great selection of RBR there. I'm really looking forward to the new products and packaging changes, with all the sales they had been doing I was worried the brand was in trouble.
Kate MacDonald said…
Glad you enjoyed it, Clare! I was wondering what was going on too, but now it all makes sense in light of trying to run down existing inventory. I can't wait to see what they come up with!
Sara BeauTime said…
Oh I love this post! Such a nice overview and I already see some products I might be missing in my life!
Kate MacDonald said…
Glad you liked it, Sara! This brand is like Pokemon for me- gotta catch 'em all.

And not to add to your longings, but they've just added the new and reformulated lipsticks to their web site. There Colour Burst (opaque) lipsticks are new versions of the same colours, but the Succulence of Dew lipsticks are almost all new... And beautiful looking...

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