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making faces :: fall forward [updated]

EDIT!! :: information on yves st. laurent's fall collection has been added at the bottom. how in the heck did i miss them?

damn, aren't you just sick of all this summer weather? don't you long for the crisp breezes and longer nights of fall? ok, i kid, please don't send people after me. today's weather is actually kind of fall-like here in montreal, in that it's in the low-20s range, and the sky has a grumpy, dismal aspect, like the gods are hung over. i'm perfectly happy to enjoy some summer warmth and nine o'clock sunsets for a few months longer, thank you very much.

but for the cosmetic industry, the world spins just a little bit faster and they're ready to tantalise us all with images of what they have coming up for the fall season. [forget images- chanel already has its collection on counters in the united states. here in canada, it won't appear until around august, because in canada, no one wants to think about fall before then, no matter how pretty you make it.] these are normally the collections that make my heart go pitter-pat and this year, the pittering and pattering seems a little more intense than usual. so for those of you who are already done with summer, here's a peek at what you can expect from most of the major players.

mac haven't released visuals yet, so here's a photo i took of camden market
mac cosmetics :: style seeker
the theme of this collection is the bohemian global traveler, the lady who spends her time scouring local markets for treasures of all sorts. although i realise it's pure marketing-speak, i like the theme because it is evocative of a certain type of woman and a certain palette. indeed, there's a rich earthiness to the colours that combines the natural and the antique. i haven't been particularly excited over a mac collection since the spring, but this one seems like it could have a lot to offer. sharp move on their part to include eye shadow duos rather than quads.

mattene lipstick 

fun finds- light nude pink
delectable -orange beige 
eden rouge -bright blue red
fashion nomad- bright red orange
camden chic- rich brick red


eclectic edge- mid-tone true orange 
ready to roam- mid-tone true blue red
restless- dark burnt bronze 
c-thru -peach beige with shimmer 

eye shadow duos

culturalized eye - soft creamy beige (s) /mid-tone neutral gold (lustre)
on the hunt  -bronzed red (f) /bronze violet (vp)
marché aux puces -chestnut brown (m)/ mid-tone golden orange (vp)
whims &fancies- platinum silver (vp)/ blacked plum (m)

powder blush 

worldly wealth - shimmer peachy bronze (f)
supercontinental -bright cute coral (s)
hidden treasure - rich burnt red (s)


dark diversion- blackened plum 
local wares - mid-tone olive with multi dimensional pearlized pigments 
rich ground -reddened coco with frost 
blacktrack - solid flat black 

nail lacquer 

gadabout girl- blackened plum 
styleseeker -duo chome red frost 
mean & green -purple with teal multi- changing pearlized pigments 

most exciting :: mac's mattene formula is one of the best matte lipsticks around- silky and richly pigmented without being drying. there have been rumours flying for a while about some shades being made permanent for a while. 

of course, this is just the "big" mac collection for fall. they have a lot more on the roster, including a marilyn monroe-themed collection. for lots of information on everything mac has coming up, check out fab diva


nars :: fall 2012
source :: specktra

nars is... nars. i do think that this fall collection is a little more in line with seasonal expectations than other nars launches, but there still seems to be something idiosyncratic about it. perhaps it the delicate, icy-toned eye shadow duo. this collection also sees the launch of pen-type eye liners, something nars has been missing thus far. i can't wait to see how they perform- mac and estee lauder have strong formulas.

eye shadow
vent glacé duo eyeshadow
high society trio eyeshadow

more velvet gloss lip pencil
rouge tribal larger than life lip gloss
amsterdam pure matte lipstick
autumn leaves lipstick

outlaw blush (repromote)

undress me multiple

storm bird nail polish

eye liner stylo
nuku hiva

most exciting :: well, i look forward to the eye liners, but the thing that really catches my attention is that wonderfully vampy gloss. nars glosses are frequently underperformers, but when they get it right, they really get it right [e.g., strawberry fields]. i have high hopes, because that colour makes me salivate. of course, i also know that nars has an andy warhol-themed collection coming out later in the fall and i just know that that's going to claim some of my hard-earned cash.

guerlain :: autumn 2012

much like last year, guerlain combines their fall collection with a new product launch- or two in this case. generating a lot of excitement, particularly in the wake of chanel's decision to discontinue rouge allure laques, is the new matte-finish liquid lipstick from guerlain, the "extrait de guerlain" or "extract de guerlain" or "extrant de guerlain" depending on where you see it printed. the colours look incredibly rich and intense and are named for the seven deadly sins, which is probably a reference to what they'll cost. but what really excites me is that guerlain obviously took my words to heart when i said they needed to work on their blush selection. fall sees the launch of a new formula that combines blush and highlighter in six attractive shades. i hate to admit this, but there's one i know i'm buying just for the name...

blush duo rose aux joues collection
01 peach boy
02 chic pink
03 over rose
04 pink punk
05 golden high
06 red hot

rouge g l'extrait de guerlain
M06 avarice
M41 envie
M65 paresse 
M25 colere
M71 gourmandise
M69 orgeuil
M27 luxure 

rouge g lipstick
27 gilda
28 genna
47 gisela
76 gracy
B04 bonnie (rouge g le brilliant)

stylo levres
 #42 bois des indes

kiss kiss gloss
851 sable show
873 grenade in

ecrin quatre couleurs eye shadow palette
14 les fauves

most exciting :: the blush! but seriously, the ultra-saturated reds and pinks, combined with the rosy browns and rust shades of the palette make this a bold and breathtaking concept for fall.

chanel :: les essentials de chanel
source :: beauty crazed

essential chanel to be sure. this collection looks almost unbearably sophisticated, like the lovechild of audrey hepburn and grace kelly. surprisingly, it's very cool toned, which stands in contrast to basically all other fall collections. this one is on counters and there are already reviews of the products popping up.

lumiere d'artifices beige

joues contraste blush
rose initiale

les 4 ombres
premier regard

ombre essentielle

stylo yeux waterproof
silver light
noir intense

rouge allure extrait de gloss
le crayon levres

rouge coco shine

rouge coco

levres scintillantes [glossimer]
sweet beige

les vernis

most exciting :: everything here is so elegant, it's hard to pick one thing [and i won't, i can pretty much guarantee you], but i am especially drawn to the plummy brown lipstick caractere.

estee lauder :: violet underground
source :: specktra

my my, estee lauder creative director tom pecheux has a real thing for violet doesn't he? in the last year, we've had "wild violet" and now "violet underground". ok, that's only two, but companies don't launch that many collection in a year and violet isn't usually the safest colour to base one on. that said, it's obvious that pecheux is making great strides to take the company from a rather dusty, old-fashioned look to something vibrant and new. i loved his classic fall collection last year with neutral eyes and deep matte lips, but i love this year's offering even more. he cites his influence as being the studio 54 disco queen, but personally, i see a lot of the early eighties in there. all those competing bold colours reminds me of the heavily painted faces of eighties music videos. remember the backup singers from human league? that.
five-colour eye shadow palette

quick-thick liner
punker black

velvet lipstick
black cassis
violet crush

colour gloss
chaotic currant
rebellious violet

nail lacquer
black iris

most exciting :: every single thing. ok, i'll have to make choices, but one thing i know is that the adorable magic-marker style liner is coming home with me. everything else is up for discussion. honestly, this collection may be the one i'm most excited for.

of course, we're still waiting on news from armani, which i suspect will be small but refined. they don't usually put quite as many products into their seasonal launches, but you can bet it'll be quality. and of course, there are the smaller brands, who will undoubtedly offer something for the season- le metier de beaute, rouge bunny rouge, hourglass [who are in desperate need of an update to their colour collection at this point] and others.

announced but strangely uninspiring to me are the collections for bobbi brown and laura mercier. i think you can certainly do a restrained approach to fall colour, but these both fall a little too much into safe territory.

anything here firing your imagination? or does the palette of fall leave you cold?

yves st. laurent :: fall 2012
source :: allura

a red highlighter! bronze mascara! matte lip colours! ok, that last one is actually pretty reasonable, but if anyone can do the impossible and create those first two, it's yves st. laurent. i'm very curious to see the new "touche eclat" foundation, although i have trouble spending so much on something i'm going to need to replace pretty regularly. i don't need to dig myself into any more of a hole. perhaps for special occasions. and being a big fan of their rouge pur couture lipsticks, i'm very curious to see how the matte version turns out. [even the original versions are satiny with a fairly low sheen, so i'd like to see how much difference there is.]

pure chromatics 4 wet & dry eye shadow palette 
#10: white, gold, green and khaki (metallic shades)
#11: brown, beige, navy blue (matte shades)

dessin du regard eye pencil

saharan bronze
graphite green

mascara volume effet faux cils shocking

deep black
bronze black 

palette couture highlight powder
nude pink
golden beige
 rosy brown

dare to glow highlighter
tempting gold
fatal red
neughty pink

le tient touche eclat foundation

rouge pur couture matte lipstick
rouge rock
orange imagine
roze crazy
rouge scandal
prune virgin [think i'm gonna need this one]
grenat satisfaction

la lacque couture nail lacquer
rouge expressioniste
khaki arty


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