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dj kali @ burning monday- catch up

here's the play lists from the last two weeks at burning monday. i'm off until april 6th, as the club has other monday night commitments, so i'll have plenty of time to plan what to do for the first set of spring!


muslimgauze :: hamas cinema gaza strip
geomatic :: the bliss
klangstabil :: anti-communication
moebius plank neumeier :: speed display
ait! :: i wanna be your mann
smersh :: she is nervous
geins't nait :: trailles
amor fati :: listen, little man
jouissance :: the primrose path
the danse society :: continent
sleep chamber :: dominatrix
killing joke :: unspeakable
pere ubu :: final solution
cocteau twins :: wax and wane
the pop group :: she is beyond good and evil
devo :: uncontrollable urge
chrome :: anorexic sacrifice
magazine :: shot by both sides
joy division :: digital
dead kennedys :: moon over marin
the cure :: pray for today
sisters of mercy :: floorshow
gary newman :: the machman
skinny puppy :: falling
severed heads :: spastic crunch
depeche mode :: ice machine

critiquing the critic

i'm not one who normally likes to take on people i see as my intellectual superior, but this article from the guardian by lauded and occasionally infamous author salman rushdie is shocking ill-informed for such a cerebral bright light. it's too bad, because i think that the subject of the article, the process of adaptation, is one that warrants a lot better than the glossing-over it gets here.

my first set of problems with rushdie's argument stems from his points on the much-celebrated, much-hyped, oscar night darling "slumdog millionaire". i haven't seen the film, so my disagreements with rushdie don't have anything to do with a divergence of opinion on its quality.

to start with, rushdie begins his criticism of the film by attacking the plot: "Swarup's novel is a corny potboiler, with a plot that defies belief: a boy from the slums somehow manages to get on to the hit Indian version of Who Wants to Be a Millionaire and answers all his questions…

dj kali @ burning monday 2009.03.02

misfits :: hatebreeders
siouxsie & the banshees :: hong kong garden
killing joke :: psssyche
god :: on all fours
big black :: kerosene
scorn :: light trap
chrome :: heart beat
current 93 :: the red face of god
spasm :: firepool part i
maska genetik :: haut
butthole surfers :: cherub
hula :: at the heart
xeno & oaklander :: blue flower
tuxedomoon :: no tears
siouxsie & the banshees :: happy house
cabaret voltaire :: nag nag nag
sleep museum :: who we are
staccato du mal :: departures
din :: blutung
clock dva :: bitstream
haus arafna :: satanas and friends
synapscape :: spill
annie anxiety :: turkey girl
severed heads :: the bladders of a thousand bedouin
mulimgauze :: priyanha tumdesh chalao
wall of voodoo :: factory
novy svet :: en passession de te