about me

she works hard for the un-money
since blogger is giving me the option to do so, i'm adding this page where i talk specifically about myself, as opposed to the other pages, where i talk a little more obliquely about myself.

i'm kate macdonald and this is my personal space. it's my little place on the internet where i can and do write about anything that strikes my fancy. i've been doing this for about six years [as of summer 2011] and have no intention of stopping any time soon. there are just way too many good things to rant about.

my primary function is that i write stuff. not just blog stuff, which is flip, off-the-cuff and scattered, but things that require careful concentration.

i've been publishing a story in serial form right here on this blog for the last couple of months, which is a rough draft, but hey, it's something you can read for free with no ads popping up. it's updated tuesdays and saturdays, mostly, although there are no guarantees as to when in those 24-hour periods updates will occur.

if you like what you read, you can always support me by buying a copy of my book, which is a collection of my short stories that came out in 2009.

you can also see examples of my writing in the archives of paraphilia magazine. you can also find bits of my journalistic work there- mostly talking to musicians and other noisemakers.

i do occasionally publish bits of fiction and poetry here on this site and you can see links to all these posts here and here.  

a couple of years ago, i decided i'd try to write a script to impress my film-nut fiancé. we got a little carried away and we made a movie. it's not finished yet, but you can track its progress and see what the process of making a feature film does to two individuals wearing a lot of different hats over here. i don't update that site as often as i should, but it's on my list of things to do.

i also do strictly amateur photography and have recently tried my hand at experimental short film. you can see my visual art projects right here

i'm an inveterate crazy cat lady. i currently have five feline children- four boys and one girl- and i regularly post pictures of them, because they are awesome.

i have a serious thing for shoes, particularly ones made by john fluevog. i'm a supporter of a lot of local designers and i often link their sites under the "body" section of my links.

i spend too much time and money on cosmetics and i write about that too.

i've a lot of opinions on politics and social issues which get spread like bird droppings through all parts of the blog. i'm particularly interested in issues to do with mental health and i write about those on mondays. again, no guarantees as to time of day. [update :: as of autumn 2011, i am no longer doing regular mental health posts on mondays. i do plan to resurrect the theme on a semi-regular basis in the future, when i have more time to put into researching relevant subjects. in the meantime, you can still access the archive of blog posts by clicking the link above.]

i'm a huge music fan and dj under the name dj kali, which i have used for almost two decades. it depresses me just to type that. there are a lot of different types of music i like and have liked, a lot of which gets labeled as "non-music" on discogs. so i'm into a lot of music that isn't music. and a lot of stuff that is. i occasionally do profiles of labels or artists or movements or other musical things and i'll occasionally talk about things i'm listening to a lot at a given time, but i don't do music reviews anymore.

starting in 2008, i had a big fight with bell canada, which people seem to find amusing/ infuriating/ edifying. 

dom is my fiancé. he has his own blog, with lots of pictures. in fact, he took that picture of me at the top of this page.

if you have any questions that you'd like to send to me directly, you can leave comments on any of the posts or you can email me. you can follow me on twitter, which will tell you when this blog is updated and where i have to learn to express myself in few words for a change. thanks for reading. i appreciate it. and, for once, i'm not being sarcastic.
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