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debate-a-thon 2019: the very last democratic debate of the decade!

yes, i took a debate off. there was a democratic candidates' meeting in november and not only did i watch it but i made notes about it. i still have the notes. but i never did get around to writing up a post because stuff happens and while there were some interesting political points discussed, the november debate never felt terribly consequential; everyone on the stage did fine, no one really did a lot better than that. was last night's debate more earth-shaking? i wouldn't say so. but it was notable for having only seven people on the stage, meaning that everyone got to talk more. how much more varies by candidate but every candidate who made it onto the stage got to speak for longer than they had in any previous debate.

i'll say off the top that i don't think anyone had a bad night. no one got caught floundering for an answer, losing their temper or misstating something they or another candidate had said. i thought that the questions were substantive and issues…