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it begins [part two]

it seems that most people have decided that last night's second installment of the great democratic debate was the empire strikes back of political debate sequels: still in the same established universe but more complex, more engaging, and overall better than what preceded it. [don't @ me. i'm right about empire.] the first night was lacking a true focal point or major fireworks. the moment between julian castro and beto o'rourke was the high tension point of the night but it was highly technical, having to do with which sections of the law needed to be repealed or removed and which sections protected which people. made castro look great and, of course, the subject is meaningful to him as the grandson of mexican immigrants and the sole latinx vying for a presidential nomination, but it wasn't the sort of thing that resonates with people on a gut level. last night, shall we say, had one of those moments.

the decision of which candidates would appear on which night …

it begins [part one]

despite the fact that i've been lax about posting here, i really can't resist flexing my blogging muscles to talk about the thing that will increasingly occupy my mind over the next [checks calendar]... year and a half: the 2020 american election. [you do realize that there's a canadian federal election in october, right? -ed.] last night, we saw the first real salvo in the upcoming battle. of course, dom and i tuned in, hot with anticipation to see the first chance to see ten of the twenty-four candidates running for the democratic party presidential nomination. [actually, it wasn't anticipation. it was friggin' hot here yesterday.]

tonight will see the ten others who qualified for the initial debate stage addressing the issues. i'd like to congratulate the democratic party on finding a way to deal with a huge crowd of candidates without resorting to the humiliation of the "kids table" the way that the republicans did in 2016. ten people is still a …

drive-by musings

i've written a fair bit on this blog about being a writer who waits for inspiration to strike her out of nowhere versus being a writer who puts serious work in on a daily basis and in doing so cultivates those precious lightning strikes and bottles them. i believe in and strongly encourage people to employ the latter method, as does pretty much every writer [or creative person] who is successful at this sort of thing. there have been stretches where i've been very good at this but the fact is that i slack off a lot and my brain has a tendency to grasp at multiple ideas at once without being able to relinquish any of them. basically, my brain is like someone who hasn't eaten in three days arriving at a buffet. everything looks good but the end result is that you end up with a bizarre combination of all of it that isn't nearly as satisfying as sticking to one flavour palette. [don't you dare tell me that cheese sticks go with sushi, because i will end you.]