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mental health mondays [on tuesday] :: feeling better?

what's harder than figuring out if you have a mental disorder? figuring out if you still have one after years of treatment. or figuring out if your disorder is still debilitating enough that you need to continue taking medication to control it. or figuring out if you can safely reduce the number of drugs you take or the dosage. basically, everything about dealing with mental disorders is hard.

there are basically two types of reaction you're likely to get if you've been diagnosed with a long-term* mental disorder and tell people you want to stop taking your medication:

uh-oh. you've convinced yourself that you're better and you don't need the meds, but once you stop taking them, you'll be as unhinged/ fragile/ desperate as ever. good for you! that stuff is poison anyway and doctors are way too quick to tell you that you have a mental illness and sell you pills. 

neither of those reactions is especially helpful, no matter how well-intentioned. even though pe…


ok, so i've been lax about posting here. i apologise. there are reasons. i don't know if they'ree good reasons, but they include:

i've had a lot of work to do, which is nice because i'm a freelancer and things tend to slow down in the summer, so the more work i get now, the less i have to worry about later [in theory].i started watching the handmaid's tale. i was a little hesitant because i didn't actually like the novel very much; i found it heavy-handed and predictable. the series relies on the novel for about 80% of its first season plot but i nevertheless find it spellbinding. where i felt that the novel beat readers with its politics, the series does a better job of connecting with the humanity in the midst of politics. i'm dithering on starting season two because i am a serial binger and once i know damn well that starting the second season will soon consign me to the horrors of having to wait a week between episodes. i don't know if i can han…