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making faces :: in the pink

another week, another group of lip colours to share. this week was pink/ mauve week, however, in view of my predilections, it's really pink/ fuchsia week. it's not that i don't have mauve shades that i love [although i maintain that "mauve" is one of those words that needs an intervention when it comes to cosmetics], but if you're going to throw regular pinks, hot pinks and fuchsias in the mix, then i'm not going to have room for much else. and indeed, there was not room for much else. although i made sure to wear some softer, more traditional pinks, the week was dominated by more muscular shades. even the softer options i chose had a distinctly modern twist.

pink is the colour that girls are socialised to love and then to hate. pink is the colour of femininity, associated with all things girly and light. the angry rejection of pink has become synonymous with a rejection of the traditionally feminine, but also the rejection of an imposed idea of femininity- posh, refined, precious, fragile femininity. as much as i think that it's important to break free from antiquated ideas of gender, i think that it's equally important that these sorts of things not be tied to particular objects [e.g., dolls], activities [e.g., cooking] or colours [e.g., pink]. after all, by insisting on playing along with the association of those things with femininity and deeming them therefore worthy of contempt, it only reinforces the idea that things which are perceived as "feminine" are frivolous, silly, and worthless. but i'm getting off topic.

my take on this week is, of course, punctuated with the sort of bold shades to which i tend to gravitate. i do like various shades of pink, but i did make an effort to avoid very natural ones, since those are a separate category for me. [a lot of nude or "my lips but better" pinks don't look especially pink on me, but more on that later. much later.]

i have to admit to a certain level of blogger frustration at this point. yes, this week marks the darkest point in the entire year and yes, it's very overcast most of the time [which is a relief, actually, since it's been indicative of very mild temperatures], but this week really tested my patience in terms of getting decent photographs. the result? i really didn't get decent photographs. although i tried at different times to capture exactly what was happening on my face, i had no luck. i struggled the whole week with light that was so feeble i struggled to get the camera to focus, much less get an accurate record of what it saw.

nonetheless, we persevere...

as always, my base is:
urban decay naked skin foundation 1.0
dior star concealer 010
mac paint pot "painterly"

day one


eyes ::
edward bess e/s "storm" [lavender-tinged light grey]*
sisley e/s "stardust" [frosted pewter]
armani e/s "écailles" [sparkling tarnished silver]
urban decay e/s "gunmetal"[gunmetal grey]
urban decay e/s "virgin" [soft highlight]
urban decay 24/7 e/l "smoke" [charcoal]
ysl baby doll mascara

cheeks ::
mac blush ombré "ripe peach" [sunny peach apricot]*
guerlain pressed meteorites "cruel gardenia" [shimmery white pink]*

lips ::
guerlain rouge g l/s "geraldine" [light, cool pink]

*suggested alternates :: storm = ysl saharienne #3 [cooler]; ripe peach = dior cocktail peach [warmer], but you might want to hold on until february, when "ripe peach" will be making its long-awaited return; cruel gardenia = mac lightscapade [warmer]

this is one of the shades that guerlain introduced earlier this year as part of a refresh of their rouge g line. [they also discontinued a number of shades. for a look at all shades that are part of the current, unlimited collection, i recommend checking out temptalia's swatch gallery.] "geraldine" is similar to "madame flirte" in terms of texture and coverage, meaning that it's less than opaque, very glossy and medium in terms of wear time. i'm happy to accept different finishes, however i really wish that brands would distinguish between shades that have significant differences in terms of the formulation. that could just be me.

in terms of colour, geraldine is cool without being intimidating, as many cool-toned pinks can get [mac st. germain, for example]. the fact that it's not quite opaque makes it softer and easier to wear. that slight translucency will also allow it to mesh more easily with a variety of skin tones.

day two 

eyes ::
armani orient excess palette e/s [khaki bronze, deep blue-grey, deep chocolate brown]*
inglot e/s "352" [matte peachy highlight]
urban decay 24/7 e/l "smoke" [charcoal grey]
hourglass film noir mascara

cheeks ::
chanel joues contraste blush "rose initiale" [warm pink]
armani orient excess palette highlight powder [soft white]*

lips ::
armani rouge ecstasy "dolci"

*suggested alternates :: at the moment, there's no need, because the palette is still available at armani counters everywhere. however, i'll be doing a review in the near future with suggestions for replacement colours. 

ok, for starters, i included two photos where i'm looking directly at the camera from the same angle, because i thought that the images provided an interesting take on the effect of colour. the lighting, makeup, background, everything is the same, but in one of the photos i'm wearing a cyan blue shawl over my navy cardigan. that's not really related to anything in the rest of the post, but i thought it might be interesting to those who have followed my colour analysis posts.

i've already spoken about the love i have for the armani rouge ecstasy formula and this was one of the original shades i purchased. it's a lovely rosy pink, kissed by a hint of brown that makes it read as very natural, but never as muddy. it's one of my go-to shades for an unfussy lip look, something that looks better than natural, but short of full-on glamour. i paired it with something very glamourous indeed, however, the new holiday palette from armani, which features both a trio of eye shadows and a soft white highlighter. more on that very soon, i promise. this was the test drive.

day three

eyes ::
urban decay e/s "virgin" [shimmering highlight]
urban decay e/s "sin" [shimmery beige pink]
urban decay e/s "nooner" [matte warm plum]
urban decay e/s "darkside" [deep cool taupe]
urban decay 24/7 e/l "rockstar" [sparkly blackened eggplant]
hourglass film noir mascara

cheeks ::
um... oops...

lips ::
bite beauty luminous creme l/s "flora mundi" [cool fuchsia creme]*

*suggested alternates :: flora mundi = nars funny face [redder, more shimmery]

i couldn't do pink/ fuchsia week without returning to my own personal shade, made for me by the wonderful ladies of the traveling bite beauty lab. it's the sort of shade that can really cut through the midwinter gloom, which is exactly what i think it does in these photos. still loving it, especially since it's all mine. 

day four

eyes ::
armani eyes to kill shadow "madre perla" [opalescent white with green cast]*
armani orient excess palette e/s #2 [stormy blue-grey]
armani eyes to kill shadow "obsidian black seaweed" [soft black with teal reflect]
armani orient excess palette highlight powder [soft white]
ysl gel liner "sea black" [shimmering blackened blue]
marc jacobs lash lifter mascara

cheeks ::
hourglass ambient blush "incandescent electra" [bright, light peach with pearl]
armani orient excess palette highlighter [soft white]
lips ::
guerlain rouge g "gladys" [deep fuchsia]

*suggested alternates :: madre perla = nars iceland e/s duo, shade #1

this is another one of the shades that guerlain added to their rouge g assortment this year and it is certainly among the best. rather, i should say that it is the best of the best. the rouge g formula already stands above others in terms of comfort, uniqueness and, in many cases, longevity. this just happens to be an example of the rouge g at its very best.

if you're keeping track of dates, you'll notice that this particular look was the one i wore on christmas day, which was spent with dom's family. i normally like to do red lips for christmas, but it was pink week and i do love me some fuchsias. so i decided to break with tradition and go with "gladys". the photos aren't the best, but i assure you that this was the best look of the week.

day five

eyes ::
chanel illusion d'ombre shadow "diapason" [deep, warm plum with cool shimmer]
guerlain e/s palette "les violines" [lightest and darkest shades]
urban decay 24/7 e/l "rockstar"
guerlain cils d'enfer mascara

cheeks ::
mac blush ombré "vintage grape" [deep plum-pink]*
rouge bunny rouge highlighting liquid "sea of tranquility" [palest golden pink]

lips ::
mac lustre l/s "milan mode" [sheer cool pink with silver sparkle]

*suggested alternates :: vintage grape = mac plum foolery [lighter, redder]

i have to admit that i was a little more driven by the eye look in this one, because i'd been wanting to see how the shades from "les violines" looked over a deep, shimmery base like "diapason" for quite a while. to balance that, i wanted something softer, but not really nude, since nude lip shades tend to wash me out. "milan mode" is a great option in that regard, in that it's semi-sheer, but actually quite pigmented. i personally like that combination, because you get the impression of a brighter colour without the muscle. it is a softer, slightly deeper cousin to "geraldine", i think; the sort of shade that fits in just about anywhere.

day six


eyes ::
mac paint pot "tailor grey" [earthy taupe]
sisley e/s "stardust" [tarnished pewter]
guerlain e/s palette "les bois de rose" [highlight shade only- shimmery pink-white]
guerlain e/s palette "attrape-coeur" [highlight shade only- shimmery opalescent white]*
illamasqua precision gel liner
ysl baby doll mascara

cheeks ::
dior blush "happy cherry" [bright warm pink]
rouge bunny rouge highlighting liquid "sea of tranquility" [palest golden pink]
hourglass ambient lighting powder "diffused light" [yellow-tinged white]

lips ::
ysl glossy stain "fuchsia tomboy" [fuchsia with light gold shimmer]

*suggested alternates :: attrape-coeur highlight = mac crystal avalanche [lacks the colour shift]

still one of my favourite fall-back lip products. it's bright enough to steal the show, but it's not in your face. i'm kind of loving how the taupe base really brings out the green undertones in "stardust", an effect that was visible [for once] both in person and in the photographs. the light on this day was particularly bad, so i'm surprised that i got much of anything recorded.

day seven

eyes ::
dior matte mono fusion e/s "celesete" [icy lavender]*
rouge bunny rouge e/s "snowy egret" [dirty white gold]
rouge bunny rouge e/s "delicate hummingbird" [frosted sugarplum]
rouge bunny rouge e/s "eclipse eagle" [frosted deep purple-grey]
urban decay 24/7 e/l "smoke" [charcoal grey]
hourglass film noir mascara

cheeks ::
rouge bunny rouge blush "gracilis" [soft mauve pink]
armani orient excess highlight powder [soft white]*

lips ::
bite beauty luminous creme l/s "palomino" [bold, cool fuchsia]

*suggested alternates :: celeste = mac digit [although, since this is a powder and not a cream product, i don't know if the effect would be the same- i've used celeste as a base in this look.]

i just had to finish the week on a bold note and bite does some of the nicest bold shades around. it wasn't until i saw the photos that i realised how bad my short term memory must have become, because this looks like a variation on the look i did for day three. it's not just that the makeup is similar- the tops i'm wearing are close to the same colour as well. [ironically, both the lipstick and the shirt on day seven are slightly redder than those on day three. so even the differences are the same.] i found "palomino" to be a little drier [without being really dry] than the other luminous cremes in my collection. this isn't uncommon with very pigmented lipsticks, but i was a little surprised, since so many bite lipsticks are so pigmented already.

that's a wrap on pink/ fuchsia/ notable absence of mauve week and, indeed, a wrap on four weeks of lip-themed colours. [honestly, i'd intended to do a week of nude/ natural shades as well, but i'm too eager to try out some new goodies, so that will have to be another time. that said, if you'd like me to try features with any other colours, i'm always up for a challenge.] i hope that i've given you at least a few things to lust after... i wouldn't feel like i'd done my job if i hadn't! if you want to check out the previous weeks, here they are:

red week
coral/ orange week
purpleberryvamp week


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