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making faces :: spring back

now that all the spring 2013 collections are popping up like crocuses in the soil of beauty counters, i figured that it's about time i got around to reviewing a couple of items that actually came out last spring. i'm not as slack as all that, i only recently managed to get my little paws on these two, but there's no excuse for that, since they're so absolutely magnificent that they deserved to have been snatched up as soon as they were released. wait, did i just give a spoiler of my own blog post?

the two shadows in question come from british-russian dream-weavers rouge bunny rouge and if you know anything about me, you know that there was no way that i would be content with limiting myself to two eye shadows when i haven't ordered anything from the brand in months. so this review will touch on a handful of products that have recently come into my collection and, at the risk of repeating the spoiler, yes, everything is delightful and you should go out and buy all of it now without bothering to read the rest of this blog post. unless you really love reading my blog posts, in which case i'm going to get all teary-eyed.

of course, you might want to make sure that the shades i'm about to discuss are appropriate for your skin tone, but one of the wonderful things about rouge bunny rouge is that their shades are very neutral and adaptable, so that most people will find them workable.


first up... the not-quite-newness! last spring, rouge bunny rouge released two new shades of their 'when birds are singing' shadows. this is probably the product that has garnered the greatest raves for the brand, although the fact is that they seem to serve mostly as a gateway drug to the rest of what the rbr have to offer. the two shades were "snow egret" and "eclipse eagle".

"snowy egret" is described as a smoky gold iridescence, which is pretty accurate, but also confusing. 'smoky' implies dark and this bird is as light as a feather. it reminds me of a couple of other gold-over-white combinations like tarina tarantino "glinda's kiss" and mac "white gold" pigment, but it's more delicate, less opaque than either of those. i find it's almost too complex to work as a highlighter, although you could certainly wear it that way. its base is a very light ivory and there is a greenish gold sheen to it- it will look more gold, green or even grey depending on the angle of the light. although you'd normally associate gold with warmth, i find this to be a cooler shade. either way, it's quite spectacular.

this colour is nor fully opaque, which means that it will adapt more or less to your skin tone. this is true of a number of rouge bunny rouge shadows and if that's going to be a deal-breaker for you, proceed with caution down the rabbit hole. just because it's not opaque, however, doesn't mean that you don't get plenty of colour payoff. like all rbr shadows, it's incredibly smooth and wears well throughout the day, maintaining its colour and its elusive duo-chrome effect without fading for nine hours or so.

comparisons are difficult, because i don't think i've ever seen something with this particular combination of elements. tarina tarantino "glinda's kiss" is whiter and more opaque [although it's the closest shade i have]. mac "manila paper" is yellower. i also thought i'd compare it with rouge bunny rouge's other light gold shade, "golden rhea" to show you how "snowy egret" compares to a true gold. i think this illustrates what i mean by finding it to be a cooler shade.

l to r :: tarina tarantino glinda's kiss [l.e.], snowy egret, mac manila paper [l.e.], rbr golden rhea

the second colour that rouge bunny rouge launched last spring was "eclipse eagle", described as the darker cousin of their immensely popular "delicate hummingbird" shadow, it's a murky combination of grey and purple with just a little brown. there's a lot of frost in the shadow, but it never seems to be overdone and although it looks quite dark, it doesn't ever appear black on the eye. [a pet peeve of mine is when glorious dark eye shadows simply look like a muddy black in use. breaks my heart every time.]

this is exactly the sort of complex, difficult to describe shade that sends makeup lovers into a tizzy. it's neutral without being dull. it's smoky without being heavy. i don't believe in truly universal colours, but i really think that all but the very warmest complexions could pull this off easily and even the warmest skin tones would probably find that the brown undertone started to become more prominent for them. perfection.

eclipse eagle
i swatched delicate hummingbird alongside "eclipse eagle" so you can see that, yes the two are relatives. as far as comparisons go, mac prolongwear "keep your cool" is a little browner, but its satin-matte finish makes it look completely different. armani eyes to kill #4 "pulp fiction" is closer, but appears much more sparkly in person.

l to r :: rbr delicate hummingbird, eclipse eagle, mac keep your cool, armani #4 pulp fiction

of course, having purchased the darker cousin, i felt that i really needed to grab the original "delicate hummingbird" as well. it's a mystery to me why i delayed in getting this shade for so long, being someone who loves both purple tones and taupe. it would seem like we were made for each other. perhaps i worried that i had too many such shades already.

delicate hummingbird
"delicate hummingbird" is, as described, a sort of dusky sugar-plum shade, with a lot of medium purple, more than a hint of brown, a whisper of grey and a softly tarnished silvery sheen. the fact that such a detailed description of a shade is required for most rbr shadows is the reason why people love them so. it's lighter, more purple and a touch warmer than eclipse eagle, but it's cooler than most of the other shades i have in the same family.

le metier de beaute "corinthian" is browner, warmer. mac "star violet" is warmer, redder and lighter. this hummingbird flies on its own.

l to r :: lmdb corinthian, delicate hummingbird, mac star violet
since i fell in love with the rouge bunny rouge blush formula last year, i decided to dip my toes- or my cheeks- once more in their fountain, this time with the cool pink shade "gracilis". now, i apologise for the fact that the coolness doesn't exactly sing in this swatch. for some reason, even when shades like this are predominantly cool, they seem to photograph with surprising warmth on my skin. i promise you, "gracilis" is a cool mauve-pink. it does have enough warmth to it that it would look like an icy pink, but that alone does not make it a warm colour.

"gracilis" has the same wonderful formula i found in "florita". it seems very much like a cream blush, but it really is a powder. the healthy glow that it gives skin serves as a highlighter in itself and the shade lasts six hours or more on me- which is way above what i normally get.

looking at comparison shades, yves st. laurent's "pepper rose" is a bit warmer and brighter. mac "dame" is cooler and pinker.

l to r :: ysl pepper rose, gracilis, mac dame
finally, i wouldn't be me if i didn't order a lipstick with all this, so i picked up a new shade from the "succulence of dew" semi-sheer line, "dissolved in dreams". this is definitely the brightest lip shade i've come across from rouge bunny rouge. it's probably the brightest colour i've found in their line at all ["florita" would be the other competitor]. "dissolved in dreams" has a base colour the shade of watermelon flesh- right on the border between red and pink- and it looks just as juicy. there's a healthy helping of silver shimmer, which reads as a glowing sheen rather than a frost. while definitely cool-toned, there's enough reddened warmth to make this a pretty flexible shade across a lot of skin tones. it is bright by rouge bunny rouge standards, but it's not as in-your-face as brights by brands who are known more for their edgy colours.

dissolved in dreams
it reminded me immediately of a redder, shimmery version of mac "lustering", one of my all-time favourite shades. although it's not obvious in the swatch, "lustering" is more sheer, which means that "dissolved in dreams" has a lot more impact on the lips.

l to r :: dissolved in dreams, mac lustering
the lasting power on the "succulence of dew" shades is generally good for a semi-sheer lipstick and i find that shades with any level of shimmer from rbr last longer than those without. it's not what i'd call a true long-wearing formula, but it will get you through a few hours and a couple of cups of coffee before you need to reapply. the colour is so pretty that it gives me shivers and it felt extremely comfortable, despite the fact that the first time i wore it, i had desperately dry, cracked lips. speaking of which...

here's a look at all the products that i've reviewed here used together! [the base is my usual urban decay foundation + dior concealer + hourglass film noir mascara. the liner on my upper lashes is illamasqua precision ink in "havoc" a robust red-purple.]

i'll be honest, i absolutely love the way everything comes together in this look except the lips. it's not that i don't like the lips per se, i just don't love them with this combination of colours. as beautiful as "dissolved in dreams" is, i just find it a bit too bold with this look. there's a purple tone that runs through the look that isn't replicated in the lips. i kind of wish i'd worn this with "dark juices" instead, or a deeper berry shade like marc jacobs "seduce me" or guerlain "gigolo".

the eyes are a left-to-right gradient of "snowy egret", "delicate hummingbird" and "eclipse eagle". these three were made for each other. they blend so effortlessly and play happily with each other's overtones and undertones. i'll have to force myself to use them separately.

if you've already joined the cult of the bunny, chances are you've chased these down already. if not, these products are an excellent place to start approaching their beauty.

i purchased these products from beauty habit. you can also buy rouge bunny rouge products direct from their web site [the only place that has the complete assortment].

the image at the top of this post is "the enchanted garden of messer ansaldo" by marie spartali stillman. it's based on a story from "the decameron" of a lover who creates a lush garden for the object of his affection in the middle of winter [which you can see through the windows].


Bellyhead said…
Ahhhhh, Rouge Bunny Rouge! Such exquisite eye shadows. Eclipse Eagle & Delicate Hummingbird are some of their prettiest. You look wonderful and I love how the textures look on your lids. So very pretty!
Kate MacDonald said…
I have a serious case of Bunny Love, which is way more expensive thing than puppy love. I've already been impatiently checking their web site because I know there are two new shades coming out and I've already decided I want them...

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