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friday favourites 06.04.12

image of the week
i had a revelation this week that i'm starting to cross the boundary between "crazy cat lady" and "cat". one of the ways that this is becoming obvious is that my frequent bouts of insomnia have now transformed into an entirely new sleeping pattern: i nap in short bursts throughout the day, but can't sleep for hours on end any longer. some have told me that this is not abnormal, although the way the entire world is scheduled leads me to believe that it is. dom pointed out that i tend to need to nap after eating, which is kind of similar to a baby. next time he hugs me, i'm going to barf on his shoulder, i swear.

so it's later than usual for me to post "friday favourites", but i had things to do today, which threw off my whole napping schedule. interestingly, i fell asleep watching msnbc, which means that i'm going to spend the next couple of days trying to figure out how much of the news i remember is real and how much i dreamed. experience dictates that the weirdest bits are probably true.

on to the favourites...

good news :: stuff i can't make up from around the internet

if you have half a million dollars and a reputation for a sick sense of humour, p.e.t.a. would like to talk to you.

there have been different versions of this, but here's the "environmental" one: which states are good at what and which states suck. party on, wisconsin. [also, i think missouri's "best" is really stretching.]

would you pay $45k for a $130 cheque? someone would.

you wouldn't think that you could scramble your brain with a single font. live and learn.

goings on :: stuff you can [and should] participate in

what can i say? i am strangely bereft of things to do this week. so i don't know... go for a walk or something. do an impromptu easter egg hunt by running through your neighbourhood, right into people's houses.

if you were in the philippines, you could do this, but i wouldn't recommend it.

there are lots of better things that you could be doing to celebrate easter. this is a list of most of them.

and although it doesn't hit theatres until may, "god bless america", the new film by the under-appreciated bobcat goldthwait is available as of today through video on demand. here's a pitch from the man himself. i also despise sam kinison.

musical notes

with the caustic lounge this past week and with the continued migration of sound from little round discs onto my computer, music has been sort of front of mind lately. a side effect of the transfer has been treating my ears to things i haven't heard in a while, which i've determined is a process each music fan should go through every couple of years. it's funny hearing what has aged gracefully and what has not. it's also  interesting finding things that i'm prepared to "come back to" after a long hiatus.

one of the groups i've been listening to quite a bit is france's dada-noise mongers le syndicat. although i loved bits of their oeuvre, i feel like i always kept them at arms' length and i'm not sure why. here's a strange and intense soundtrack done for a short film.

follow-up and shameless self-promotion

i don't know if this counts as "follow up", since it wasn't something that appeared on the blog, but have you ever paused to think about how completely technology has changed our lives? sometimes, i want to go back in time to visit my childhood self and tell her things just to screw with her mind. like this week, i could have gone back and told her that some day, she'd be sending a message to the president of the united states of america that the canadian prime minister had cooties. and poor childhood kate would then be envisioning posting a letter and trying to figure out how adult kate got so crazy stupid that she'd even think of doing things like that. and then i [adult kate] would be all like "yeah and you're totally going to love spinach and avocados in a few years, trust me, and you'll be listening to stuff that sounds like the engine of your parents' gremlin warming up and always carry your writing with you when you move or you're going to regret it and that night in the back of the cab when you think you're putting your phone in your purse pocket, it's not, it's in the backseat, so double check." and then childhood kate is going to be left wondering why she'd be carrying a phone with her in the back of a taxicab. and she'll probably be scarred for life.

further to the launch of more like space radio, i've decided that i'm going to go with the once a month format and that i'll aim to have shows up around mid-month. that means that a new show should be available within the next week to ten days. yikes, i'd better get working...

and i know we're all condemned to have this happen, but i was arranging my hair this week and what the hell???

despite years of killing my hair with chemicals, i already have about a centimetre of new growth only a month after sort accidentally but kind of consciously going from black to a sort of ombre? i should be happy that it can still grow, except that it's long enough to be kind of visible and that means i have to colour it again. and i have no idea how to colour this new look i've invented. so there may be further posts of "follicle follies" in the near future. also, depending on how things go, i might not be leaving the house very often.

one of the most popular posts of the couple of months was my review on cult favourite beauty brand "le metier de beauté". this week, online retailer zuneta started carrying their products. that's interesting enough to those of us here who like to order from zuneta anyway, but it's amazing news for those outside of north america, who haven't had any reliable access to the brand in the last few years. best of all? there are descriptions of all the colours, which are really helpful when you're ordering sight unseen.  the limited edition spring kaleidoscopes sold out within hours, but the standard line-up of products is available [although perennial favourite shadow "corinthian" hasn't shown up and is on back order everywhere]. prices are roughly equivalent to those you'll pay from american retailers and if your order is big enough, you can qualify for free shipping. zuneta also ship faster than any retailer i've ever dealt with.

and speaking of beauty... it felt like i while since i'd done a simon beauty shot. although all our kids [except seth] seem to love posing for the camera, simon is a true super-model. right down to the fact that he always seems to be reluctant to eat too much, like he's watching his weight. from the day we brought him home, simon has been naturally drawn to the camera. most of the time, he'll look right at it, or at least offer a very self-aware dramatic pose. like this.

that's it for this week. happy easter to all those of you who observe it and stay tuned this week for a movie review of bobcat goldthwait's last film effort, a "beauty brand report card", more like space radio episode 2 and whatever else comes into my sick little mind. 


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no, i am not dead, nor have i been lying incapacitated in a ditch somewhere. i've mostly been preparing for our imminent, epic move, which is actually not so terribly epic, because we found a place quite close to where we are now. in addition, i've been the beneficiary of an inordinately large amount of paying work, which does, sadly, take precedence over blogging, even though you know i'd always rather be with you.

indeed, with moving expenses and medical expenses looming on the horizon, more than can be accounted for even with the deepest cuts in the lipstick budget, dom and i recently did something that we've not done before: we asked for help. last week, we launched a fundraising campaign on go fund me. it can be difficult to admit that you need a helping hand, but what's been overwhelming for both of us is how quick to respond so many people we know have been once we asked. it's also shocking to see how quickly things added up.

most of all, though, the ex…


just a short time ago, i waxed prosaic about trump supporters who felt betrayed by their candidate pursuing in office the exact things that he said he would. short version: i have no sympathy.

today is a bit different. in the wake of america's bombing of a syrian air strip, in response to a chemical weapons attack by the syrian government, my facebook and twitter feeds were peppered with plaintive shades of "we believed you". these are the people who heard trump say that he wanted the united states to step back and focus on defending its own. indeed, trump did say such things, over and over; america cannot be the policeman of the world. even arch-liberal cynics like me had to admit that this was a refreshing argument to hear from someone outside the paul family, and, could easily have been turned into trump's greatest argument against hillary clinton. [he chose to go another way, which also worked.]

trump also said, repeatedly, that america needed to invest heavily …

long division

after the united states election last year, there were the usual calls for the country to unite behind the new president. that never happens anymore, because, since george w. bush scored a victory in 2004, having launched the country into a war in iraq for no reason, the people on the losing side of a presidential election have been pretty bloody angry about it. democrats hated bush 43. republicans really hated obama. democrats really hate trump.

it didn't help that trump didn't make the typical conciliatory gestures like including a couple of members of the opposite party in his cabinet, or encouraging his party to proceed slowly with contentious legislation. barack obama arguably wasted at least two and as many as six years of his tenure as president trying to play peacemaker before he felt sufficiently safe to just say "screw you guys" and start governing around the ridiculous congress he was forced to deal with. not-giving-a-shit obama was the best president in …