13 July 2011

i'm glad your parents knocked boots

i mention dom a lot, because, even by couple standards, we tend to do a lot as a team- we dj together, we made a film together, etc. we are a couple, but we also have a pretty profound friendship, which is a great thing as it turns out.

i've been lucky enough to have had a few very pleasant relationship experiences and stupid enough to have had a number of very unpleasant ones, but having someone who makes you feel like you can do anything you want and who acts like a partner in all the important aspects of your life [and who supports you when you do crazy things like get cats 4 & 5, even when it flies in the face of all logic] that's really the point when you know it's time to stop looking.

happy birthday, babe.


Biba said...

Lucky you!

I haven't found a person who could be described the way you have described your friend, yet.

flora_mundi said...

thanks biba! i AM lucky. but believe me, it took a lot of trial and error. there's something to be said for holding out for what you really want.

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