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dj kali @ burning monday 2009.12.21

ah yes, the solstice. the longest night of the year... and, apropos to that, this was an extra long dj kali set. thanks to all who showed up for the last kali appearance of 2009.

part one- the "first" hour

i said i'd do it and i did. actually, could have gone on for a while like this, playing only lead off tracks from albums. would have helped if i hadn't forgotten a couple of important cds at home but hey, i never claimed to be perfect.

the ramones :: blitzkrieg bop
the minutemen :: bob dylan wrote propaganda songs
the damned :: neat neat neat
devo :: uncontrollable urge
gary numan :: me! i disconnect from you
blank dogs :: no compass
my bloody valentine :: only shallow
ride :: seagull
the cure :: one hundred years
cocteau twins :: blood bitch
killing joke :: requiem
nick cave :: do you love me?
sleep chamber :: el topo
coil :: the anal staircase
current 93 :: dogun
wire :: i should have known better
human league :: almost medieval


part two- the usual

and then things settled back …

q: are we not still devo?

devo are a bit of a strange bird. the huge majority of people remember them as the men in flower pots energy domes, responsible for "whip it" back in 1980 and subsequently held up as iconic geeks in popculture.

on the other hand, the band has had a loyal fan base that borders on a cult, owing in large part to the fact that their infectious music serves as a delivery system for some pretty smart and complicated ideas, well ahead of their time.

personally, i always counted myself as somewhere between the two groups, but I live with someone who is proud to be among the latter, so when we found out that the band was including toronto in the itinerary of their tour, featuring back-to-back shows of the band's first and third albums performed in their entirety, it seemed only right to make the pilgrimage. (note for the geographically challenged: toronto is still damn far from montreal, so it is a pilgrimage and not a whim.)

the shows fall on a monday and tuesday, which normally ar…