26 May 2009

what's this now?

jsut wanted to call your attention to a new blog i've started to coincide with a new project. the blog is located at http://conversionfilm.blogspot.com/ and will track the development of a new feature film (from a script i wrote) that i'll be working on over the next few months.

this marks my first time being involved with film and the aim for the accompanying blog is to track both the development of the project and to record the steps that we go through in trying to realise a completely independent production.

so wish me luck and here goes... something.


Vlad said...

So, should we say next stop -- Hollywood?

flora_mundi said...

perhaps cannes?

Vlad said...

Cannes is a result, Hollywood is a means.
Then again I'd rather aim for Berlin first:)
No, wait, first we take Manhattan!

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