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mourning after

it's been nine months since i lost morgan, my little feline companion of almost nineteen years. i still think about him pretty much every day. thinking about him still makes me cry sometimes, such as this past weekend, when i was playing with a kitten whose behaviour reminded me uncannily of him.

however, my remaining felines have served notice that the official mourning period is at an end, that a crucial bridge has been crossed.

within the last couple of weeks, both of my cats have started climbing into what was once morgan's chair and napping. for almost nine months, neither of them would touch it. arthur, my elder cat, slept under it, but neither of them would raise a paw to its surface. now that's changed. i'm not sure why, but the invisible barrier has been pierced and now there is frequently a cat- it alternates which one- in the chair.

it both warms and pierces my heart seeing them in there, but i think i get the message. they'll always be climbing into HIS…

goodbye and good riddance...

well, after a slight delay, i am officially severing my ties with bell canada. yesterday, i arranged to have my telephone services transferred to another provider- something that even a few years ago would not have been an option.

strangely, i remember that years ago, bell canada's customer service was not that bad. it seems that, perversely, they've gotten worse since the market has opened up. then again, maybe it's not so perverse. after all, the opening of the market to competition means that everyone is vying for the greatest number of dollars. so in order to get the largest infusion of money, companies like bell are going to give priority to their largest customers, the people who have the biggest effect on their balance sheets, whereas, when customers had no one else to go to, bell might have been able to afford a slightly more egalitarian structure. chances are that my nightmarish experience with bell is offset somewhere along the line by a huge corporate contract t…

odd man out

since no one else seemed inclined to mention this, i'd just like to call attention to a little fact about barack obama's brief sojourn to canada last week. he met with prime minister stephen harper and leader of the opposition michael ignatieff, which means the meetings involved two men who believed (although i don't think either of them still do) that the current war in iraq was justified and necessary and one man who didn't. guess who the odd man out is? hint: i shudder for my nation.


i don't own a car. i never have and, considering that it's my preference to live in cities, i don't plan on owning one in the near future.

that said, when the auto industry came begging to government to save them, both in the united states and, more quietly, here in canada, i wasn't entirely averse to propping them up. even if you take the libertarian capitalist view that, if these companies are allowed to collapse, someone will buy up their assets and start a new car company, you need some kind of plan for dealing with the interim real world where millions of people in both the primary and secondary industries will be thrown out of work. basically, the government is going to pay for those people one way or the other, either in the form of auto-industry support or in the form of employment insurance and welfare. by bailing out the car companies, you at least have the chance of getting the money back at some point in the future.

this was supposed to be the week where we…

dj kali @ burning monday 2009.02.16

sometimes, you are the technical glitch you fear... everything at the bar worked fine, unfortunately, i forgot to bring a quarter inch adapter for my headphones, so i was sort of flying blind, unable to listen to anything on cue before i actually played it... whoever thought a quarter inch could make such a difference?

coil :: careful what you wish for
nocturnal emissions :: don't believe it's over
xeno and oaklander :: blue flower
perverse teens :: la baboute
six finger satellite :: baby's got the rabies
big black :: kerosene
jfk :: oh men
wire :: mannequin
iggy pop :: i am the passenger
the cramps :: human fly
novy svet :: rios del exceso
john foxx :: underpass
holger hiller :: jonny
die form :: analogic
herz juhning :: i deserve
front 242 :: rerun time
the slits :: typical girls
kukl :: the spire
liars :: there's always room on the broom
siouxsie & the banshees :: hong kong garden
joy division :: warsaw
death in june :: heaven street
numb :: eugene
hula :: cold stare
severed heads :: sp…

press corpse

i watched most of barack obama's speech and press conference the other night, more by accident than by design, and i couldn't help but notice something that made me angry. (in general, i try to avoid watching a lot of television, since there's almost always something in there that causes my blood pressure to rise.)

the questions that were directed at the new president were generally very well-thought out, intelligent, challenging ones. this was one of the first opportunities that the washington press gallery had to directly question obama, so maybe they were like kids on the first day of school, energised and eager, but their input could hardly have been in greater contrast to that displayed during the seemingly interminable bush years. i routinely remember, during the few press conferences i watched during that time, that i was often given to wonder if the members of the press had had a contest where they decided chiefly to ask questions submitted by preschool children (an…

dj kali's musical emporium!

one of the projects i've been working on lately is developing a music section for a new arts magazine called PARAPHILIA. as part of that, i now have a separate blog, which will feature content separate from that included in the magazine, but related.

those of you familiar with this blog will have an idea of the kind of music that i'll be covering. those interested in submitting material for review should feel free to contact me for details on how to do this.

the blog- still very much in its infancy- can be found here... more information to follow in the near future.

tool time

i don't know a whole lot about home renovations or building maintenance. being a lifelong renter with no immediate urge to change limits my ability to effect major changes in my habitat (landlords tend to get a little annoyed when a tenant removes a wall). that said, there are a few things that i've picked up over time that have served me well. i'm very familiar with the perils of measuring windows to fit blinds (you only think they're rectangular). i can accurately locate studs in the walls (yes, we all have them). i know how to attach ceiling lamps.

and another thing that i've learned is that hardware stores have products specialised to meet the needs of most jobs. so as long as you know what it is that you're doing- what you're drilling into, what surface is being painted, what voltage plug you're working with- the tools for the job are pretty idiot-proof.

if i know these things, i assume that people who actually have some financial stake in building…