17 November 2008

end game

so they called again.

a brief call, this time, to let me know that, without me calling back, they had somehow known to apply the credit from my ontario account to my quebec account. somehow, despite the fact that no one at bell can apparently access information available to any department other than their own and couldn't tell that there was a pending issue on my account beforehand), they knew to do that for me. (i now owe them a grand total of $4.17.)

somewhere, deep in the subterranean labyrinth that is bell world headquarters, there is an alarm that starts ringing every time someone thinks of calling my number.

i win.


Maximum Overlord said...

Apparently, YOU were the monster hiding under Bell's bed

Aaron Fenwick said...

Woot! :)
Now you won't have to set fire to anyone with your mind... :P

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