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68 very long days and counting...

since i like to be aware of whose fingers will be hovering over the nuclear button in the home of our neighbours to the south, i've been following some of the political theatre that's unfolding in denver.

this is going to be a very, very long autumn if what's appeared so far is anything to go by.

personally, i cringe at the overt phoniness of the convention, to say nothing of the sums of money involved in staging it (perhaps i should say buying it). both parties with a snowball's chance in hell of winning play this game and, given the number of people in the united states- let alone in poorer countries- who suffer real deprivation, the idea that it is necessary to lavish such amounts on a spectacle that purports to nominate someone to represent the populace is beyond cynical.

in the spirit of the season, both parties have ramped up their ad campaigns substantially, so that every few minutes i'm advised that someone who is smart and well-educated enough to know b…

let's get old skool!

i don't know if anyone actually watched the olympics. based on the coverage received in canada, all i've managed to determine is that there was a new sport introduced called "protest banner hanging", which seemed to have a new gold medal awarded almost every day. i believe "arresting demonstrators" was a new one as well.

so, since the i.o.c. is apparently running low on ideas for new sports, perhaps it's time that they looked at bringing back some former classics. i'm all in favour of the tug of war making a comeback, but i think that a little imagination could turn the swimming obstacle race into something quite spectacular...

down on the boardwalk...

apparently, hasbro is creating a global version of monopoly, where different cities occupy places on the board traditionally named after specific streets (in atlantic city, new jersey)... only one city, of course, can occupy the coveted position traditionally held by "boardwalk", the swankiest, coolest AND hottest address on the board. guess what city grabbed that distinction? (hint: i am laughing maniacally, holding my sides and gloating.) didn't get it? here.

dj kali playlist 18.08.08

had my first montreal dj set last night at the katacombes... here's what you heard if you were there, or what you missed if you weren't... hopefully there will be a follow-up in the foreseeable future...

wire :: three girl rumba
killing joke :: wardance
joy division :: warsaw
black flag :: loose nut
?? :: someone's request that they handed to me
buzzcocks :: boredom
chrome :: heartbeat
swans :: time is money bastard
the cure :: 100 years (request)
laibach :: die liebe
subliminal :: so young with me
numb :: revenant
skinny puppy :: inquisition
maska genetik :: the ocean
perverse teens :: la baboute
six finger sattelite :: baby's got the rabies
spk :: metal field
joy division :: digital (request)
**think i may have forgotten a track here**
liars :: there's room on the broom
chrome :: anorexic sacrifice
foetus :: butterfly potion
gary numan :: down in the park
coil :: paranoid inlay
front 242 :: rerun time
november novelet :: street of lost hearts
clock dva :: the ac…