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getting some exercise

sometimes, feeling the urge to write can be a royal pain in the ass. sometimes, you just can't string your thoughts and words together in anything approaching an effective manner and when you try, it generally makes you feel worse about your output.

after a bit of a creative spurt around the holidays, i've found the last couple of months to be as cry as a fundamentalist church during prohibition, which is just no fun, because it means that i spend a long time sitting in front of the computer thinking that i SHOULD be writing, but unable to do anything worth keeping.

in the last week, i've put my foot down, though, and i've managed to work out some writing exercises for myself. it may not be writing something that i could even dream of calling finished, but at least it's making me think creatively, which is more than i can say for a lot of my daily activities.

aside from standbys like just writing about what i see around me, or trying to describe one particular t…

black magic

movie review :: pan's labyrinth

i have mixed feelings about guillermo del toro. his films, while while soaked in atmosphere and in possession of an eerie, organic beauty, have a tendency to collapse somewhat short of the finish line. the first time i saw cronos, i was captivated for about the first two thirds of the movie, at which point things sort of came unraveled. it felt like the director felt he'd put in his time and packed it in a little early. even the much lauded and far superior the devil's backbone left me wanting at the end. and his involvement in projects like hellboy and mimic makes me wonder if he's not just trying to parlay a strong visual sense into a larger scale hollywood career.

however, because, for all it's flaws, i did find the devil's backbone quite enchanting and legitimately scary in places, i wanted to check out his newest opus, from the artistic side of his personality, pan's labyrinth. besides, i find the lure of a fairytale f…

requiescat in pace

g.e.d. 8 may 1919- 23 february 2007

everyone's doing it

i got a request to join my space a little while ago and figured what the hell. so now there's even MORE more like (my) space. it looks like hell, because i'm still figuring everything out, but i'll get around to decorating eventually.

and, speaking of decorating, if you're wondering why i've been a little silent of late, i've been putting a lot of time into redecorating my abode. only took me four years to get around to it. yeah, i'm a lazy slag. even worse if you consider i earn my living working in home decor... i'm still not done, but at least the biggest bits are over with.

and, on that note, i'd like to leave a wee little note for home decor suppliers out there: ENOUGH WITH THE BEIGE. some of us do not like to decorate in shades of beige. some of us don't like beige at all. some of us want a place that looks like someone actually put some effort into it. some of us find your stores sleep-inducing because everything looks the same.

it's a girl thing

i have always realised that i have a lot of clothes. somehow, i have always managed to have a lot of clothes, even going back to a time when i was relying on family members to buy them for me.

despite the fact that i am aware of this, there are times when it seems much clearer. those times are when i am doing what every decent canadian does- weeding through my closet to find stuff that doesn't fit, doesn't suit me, or that i'm unlikely to wear for other reasons and assembling it for delivery to a charity. when this happens, i end up pulling everything out of the closet to examine and then i pass judgment.

there are three categories: 1. bound for charity; 2. keepers; 3. things i'd forgotten and want to keep, but which are in dire need of a trip to the dry cleaners.

after tonight, i have one full garbage bag of clothing to go to good will, another full garbage bag to go to the dry cleaners (that's going to have to happen in shifts) and my closets are still full. y…