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i must be dreaming

except that it's all over the internet, so it must be true. check out the reaction to stephen colbert's speech at the white house press correspondent's dinner (or watch the video).

sad to say, the 60 minutes piece on him that aired this evening was stunningly uninformative. there wasn't anything on there that isn't pretty much common knowledge about the man, but i'm glad just to see him getting the coverage. america needs more colbert. we all do.

you have it all wrong

so many crooks in washington and these are the ones you arrest????

goths in the news

most goths i know are more concerned about make-up than murder. i mean, they might hurt someone who scuffed their pointy-toed boots, but, more likely, they'd just mope and cast nasty spells on them from a dark, dark corner.

so what's up with the news lately? first, there is the unlikely story of a goth flasher (link courtesy of fark). most goths wear some many layers and have so many complicated buckles and zippers on their clothing that flashing someone would take the better part of half an hour...

then, of course, we have the latest "children wear black because they intend to kill their families" hoopla. because it's the wearing of black and listening to completely insane music like marilyn manson (ok, for once i didn't see manson specifically blamed for these murders, but you know it's coming) that attracts kids to violent acts and not some inherent psychological problems.

i guess this may be a sign of the coming apocalypse, so beware: armies of peop…

now that's a surprise

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oh for the love of...

i really think that the publishers of the washington post (decried by "my republican friend" as a cess pool of girly-man liberalism) have got to be smoking crack if they think that they can continue to take home their salaries while continuously falling asleep at the switch.

this week, their editorial page featured a defense of scooter (i wasn't really fond of his work with the muppets, either) libby using facts in their argument that had previously been revealed as specious by... washington post journalists.

just because you had woodward and bernstein in the seventies does not mean you can afford to still be sitting on your political laurels.

story comes courtesty of media matters.

nothing's scarier than a clown

although ouchy is probably scarier than most... i don't think i'm ever going to feel safe on the internet again...

it works, if you think about it

i was talking to my father the other day. not surprisingly, he is not a big watcher of fox news. he's heard of the personalities on their network, but he wouldn't necessarily recognise them.

while he was channel surfing recently, he came across something that he thought was a comedy show along the lines of the daily show or the colbert report, making fun of mainstream, right-wing u.s. media.

turns out it was the real bill o'reilly.

viewed as comedy, o'reilly is nearly so offensive.


this spk video is like watching someone's listing of every industrial-by-numbers cliche in existence. power tools! shirtless men! shirtless men banging on things! footage of nazi germany!

ok, you have to cut them a little slack, because this dates from 1983, so most of the things they're doing were still being established as cliches and have only become funny in retrospect because they've been so overdone.

at the very least, it's a pretty catchy tune.

it was only a matter of time

so, after sixteen years with a lead foot and an unblemished driving record, i finally got my first ever speeding ticket this morning. apparently, i was doing a little over 20km/h above the speed limit and, while i never saw a radar gun or anything, i'm willing to accept that it was a definite possibility.

the irony is that i was coming off a turn and was in the process of accelerating. in another four blocks, i might have been looking at a truly nasty ticket. i didn't bother to tell the humourless lady giving me the ticket that, though.

a couple of people have said i should fight this, but i'm figuring that the law of averages is that i was bound to get a speeding ticket eventually and it's a minor miracle it hasn't happened before. i'm also aware, while i know i'm a pretty safe driver (don't run yellow lights, don't talk on the cell phone, always check my blind spots), there are a lot more people killed in ontario every year in car accidents than t…

molotov cocktail with chocolate sprinkles

strangely, the story of this anarchist treat made me crave both political change and a helping of ice cream.

signs of hope

ok, part of this pisses me off because i have a character in an as-yet unpublished story that i wrote who goes around "recontextualising" billboards as political/ social art, so i feel like i got knocked off here, but it's hard not to admire the handywork of the billboard liberation front. the chief danger i see in what they're doing is the potential these eye-catching, thought-provoking boards have to distract the attention of drivers, raising car accident rates. oh well. it's a risk i'll take.

winning the hearts and minds

ok, i just got back from seeing jello biafra’s show at the convocation hall. i’d been warned that i could expect to be bombarded with a lot of information and he didn’t disappoint. four solid hours with a quick break in the middle. to try to review everything he touched on would be ridiculous, given the scope of the presentation, but, for whatever reason (some of which were personal, see further explanation below), i was completely captivated.

part of that reason was that this was an opportunity to see someone who i’ve admired since i was an angst-ridden thirteen year old trying to figure out why she didn’t enjoy the same things as everyone else she knew. while my musical taste may have veered in a different direction over time, a lot of the old punk and alternative bands i listened to then have a greater meaning for me than bands whose music excites me far more. so there is something really exciting about getting to see a “hero” in the same room, up close.

and up close i was. sick …

meaning what, exactly?

the other day i was walking through the kensington market area, going to pick up coffee at my prefered dealer and i passed by two men having a rather drunken middle-of-a-saturday-afternoon discussion. i'm not sure what they had been discussing when i approached, but one of them, a rather grungy looking middle aged rocker-type with a spectacular black eye looked at me and said:

"-like there. THAT'S something i wouldn't mind taking home to my mother."

now, i'm not sure at one point i became a thing instead of a person, but i won't quibble. i'm just surprised because of all of the things i expected to be able to do in my life, i never factored in the possibility of being a nice-girl beard for aging rocker dudes. in fact, i never knew rocker dudes would be so eager to reassure their mothers that they had a nice, non-rocker girlfriend.

what was it that made him point me out on the crowded street? the blonde hair? the fact that i had obviously showered this…

never trust anyone over 30?

apple, the venerable snob of the computer world, turned thirty on april 1. in celebration, has a series of photoshopped images from readers with ideas for what the minds that brought you all those little white boxes will come up with next.

particularly dear diary

one other point on getting inspiration that has and continues to serve me well: read old diaries/ journals.

after all, what's the point in going through all the emotional turmoil in your life if you can't turn around and use it creatively (or for revenge, that's your business)?

making brain space

there are problems when you travel for work in a large group. you can get sick of the people you’re with from being around them too much. you can end up bein the one who’s left out of everything and feel as isolated as you did you did back in junior high school, something no one should have to relive. you can end up feeling like you’ve had no time off work whatsoever, because it’s personalities and issues have taken up every waking moment of the time you were travelling.

the last week has contained elements of these things. there were, in the end, very few people who got on my nerves to any extent, so the annoyance factor was mild at best. in fact, the majority of our group were decent enough and easy enough to have a conversation with. i did not feel isolated, although i did feel, as i usually do in any large group, that i just really don’t have a lot in common with most people. as far as having downtime for my brain, while this definitely could have been worse, it did tend to be th…

in the eye of the beholder

i'm not so comfortable in my relationship with insects that igor siwanowicz's photos don't give me the creeps a little, but they are beautiful. he's actually captured what looks like a perfect femme fatale pose on nature's ultimate femme fatale, a praying mantis.